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Jaka Tarub - Narrative Text

Jaka Tarub was one of the ordinary people who got married with beautiful goddess. Dewi Nawangwulan. It was told in the story that young Jaka Tarub was a villager who liked to assist people surrounding him. He also liked you help parents cultivating their rice fields.
When he grew up, he was very handsome. Everybody admired him. One day, he got very serious ill. All of the villagers were very sorry about it especially Jaka Tarub's mother who was very anxious with his illness. Only is few days Jaka Tarub's whole skin ithced and got abscess and this made his face ugly.
All of the efforts had been done to cure him from his illness but they couldnt help him until there was a priest ordered, and finally he recovered from his illnes.
One day, when he was still in the lake, he met a beautiful goddes, Dewi Nawangwulan, they fell in love each other. Finally they got married.


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