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Rhinoceroses - Report Text

Rhinoceroses are wild animals which live in the forest.
They have large heavy bodies. Their skins are very thick. They have horns on their noses. Their weight can be more than 2.250 kilograms for each.
Rhinoceroses eat grass. They have so good muscle structures that they can run and change directions very fast. They can sprint at 56 km an hour. Rhinoceroses have been reported to enter campsites at night, they scatter smoldering logs of fire, and then peacefully walk away. Rhinoceroses don't have very good eyesight for distance. The ox peckers always accompany them. They give them warning system.
Rhinoceroses are hunted their horns. They are used to make tradisional medicine. The rhinos are listed as endangered on the Red List of Threatened species.


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