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The Borobudur Temple - Descriptive Text

Indonesia has many ancient things especially the remains of the pre-historic period, for example : tombs, temples, and fortesses.

The Borobudur temple is one of the historical remains in Sriwijaya era. Its king was Samaratungga. It was built about in 850 B.C. King Samaratungga was descendant from King Sailendra embraced Budha.

The temples of Budha located in Magelang among others are Mendut, Pawon, and Borobudur. This Borobudur is the biggest and the most magnificent among all the temples.

Several descendants, idest: Dieng, Gebang, Sambisari, and Prambanan. Generally the temples in Indonesia were the tomb of the King families, but the temples were built by The King embraced Budhism used for the worship.

The attractive power of temples are not only the beauty , but also the ornaments decorated on them, a lot of the relief on the walls including the statues. The statue were made of rock and bronze.

Nowadays most of the bronze statues were lost. We can find the relief although some of the parts got damage.

Thus the goverment has rehabilitated them to preserve the temples, the attraction and their beauty.

The temples have become the income resources out of the oil and gas, because many foreign and domestic tourist visit them.

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